Salvation Army Carol Concert – 2015

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As is customary at this time of year, we headed for The Citadel in town for our yearly pilgrimage to the 6.30pm performance of the SA’s Carol Concert. Normally, this would have been our FIRST opportunity to test our singing voices (scary!), but we’d also been to another a week-or-so ago in town, recommended by Valerie – this is still our favourite though!
We’ve learned over the years, it pays to get there in good time in order to bag a suitable seat, but The Citadel wasn’t quite as busy this time around, and arriving at just after 6pm still allowed us to pick our position! Some faces were more familiar this year now that I’m running computer coaching lessons at Rothwell, and we saw Lydia and Derek from the Tuesday Class – and also Trevor and Ronnie (who I’d helped out with a PC ‘issue’ a while ago). Jo and Janet were also there – and it was good to see Jo’s Dad, Frank (accompanied by Helen), who looked a ‘million dollars’, after a period of illness.
Although it is only an hour-or-so, it’s always a packed programme – and tonight was no exception. Plenty of carols (including a very vague one in the middle, that none of the audience seemed to be familiar with), a short nativity play, a guest speaker (from MIND), a sprog choir and of course, a short sermon – and of course the Ketttering Citadel Band. They certainly know how to belt out a tune of 10! A great evening all round and in spite of the lack of numbers at our performance, they raised £1301.

Delyth and Jon And if we hadn’t partied enough this weekend, after the Concert, we dropped Lee home and then headed for The Vines to celebrate Delyth and Jonathan’s Wedding. It was a small affair, but good fun to catch up with the (very) happy couple, and meet some of the family.
We got home by around 10.30, pretty much exhausted!

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