Doctor Who – Series 9, Episode 6

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The Woman Who Lived
four star
Well, after last weeks ‘big reveal, I knew this episode was going to an interesting one! If the previous episode felt a bit rushed, this one was a lot more leisurely – and with more ‘talk’ than ‘action’ (no bad thing), superb scripting and with Peter Capaldi really getting into the role and delivering with total conviction; this one benefitted from viewers hanging onto his every line.

And, once again, just like last week’s, we have something to add to the Who Universe: the characters of Ashildr and (possibly immortal) Sam Swift – I’m sure they’ll re-appear. Also we now know the role of Ashildr in the whoiniverse! Fab!!!

Judging by the closing scenes, the character of Clara Oswald’s demise is getting close!

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