Collective Curry

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In our plan to catch up with all our neighbours before Christmas, tonight we hosted a mega-curry evening and invited Jo, Janet, Carol, Julie, Tom, Rosi and David round.

Well, that certainly put the dining room table under a bit of pressure – even with the extension out! – still, we like a challenge!

Ann worked miracles with the food whilst I worked miracles with the Fairy liquid!

Preparation began early – as every curry lover knows. they benefit from an overnight rest.

9.30 – Early stages!

2pm – Getting there!

Chicken Korma…

Beef Madras…

Bombay Potato (sans Bombay)

..and so by Saturday, we were ready to err, get things ready!

Table sorted  – check!
Beef, Chicken and Fish prepared – check!
Accompaniments prepared – check!
Drinks’ stock checked – check!
…and double-checked – check!
Cheesy Indian Restaurant music sourced – check!

With plenty of time to spare, we were raring to go. Everyone arrived on time and soon we were putting the bottle opener and corkscrew through its paces at regular intervals. And everyone did the food justice – heck, I’ve only got enough leftovers for one more meal!
Tom was in great form (as he always is), and sported a useful item of clothing for that dark walk home!

Tom's hat!
Tom’s essential fashion accessory!

The time flew but we had the advantage of tonight being the night when the clocks go back an hour. Still, by just after midnight, we were all flagging, and one-by-one our guests departed.

It was a great evening! Ann worked wonders in the kitchen, and we were really pleased to be able to catch-up with so many of our friends!

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