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Well, here are again. my self-imposed 45-day Lent period is over for another year. I managed to resist my banned list for 2015 without too much trouble – and there’s a smug look about me this morning!
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All-in-all, I lost around 11lbs, which was more-or-less the same as last year – and that’s pretty pleasing, considering it was all achieved by simply NOT eating stuff, rather than in conjunction with any sort of exercise campaign as well.

Banned List 2015
2015’s Banned List

There were 35 items on this year’s ‘banned list’, and as has become customary (as well as a little bit obsessive!), I’ve added a few more items in preparation for Lent in 2016. Next year, the list will total 42.

Banned List 2016
2016’s Banned List

A big thanks to Ann (especially!) for re-jigging meals, as well as our friends and family who accommodated me so well.

Off now to find the biggest bar of chocolate imaginable!
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