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Buzz Lightyear

After last month’s aborted installation of my broadband upgrade from BT, due to “a routing issue”, today is the day when Tynan Close gets its first superfast broadband customer,  – that’s me!

Finally, after most of us round here suffering for what feels like forever, with crappy internet speeds (1.5 Mb/s on a good day), this household is getting ‘proper’ broadband. Step forward BT Infinity 2! This is their latest fibre-to-the cabinet offering and will give us a trouser-scorching 76 Mb/s download and 19 Mb/s upload speeds – the fastest currently on offer from them.

Over the past few years, not content with such slow speeds, we’ve using a Broadband-by-satellite solution from Europasat and Toowaya great bit of kit, but compared to ‘normal’ broadband, it’s expensive at almost £50 per month – and although it’s uncapped overnight, it’s capped at 30Gb/month during the day.

Still, at least I’ve been getting 16 Mb/s down and 6 up, where most of our neighbours with ‘traditional’ broadband couldn’t even run iPlayer! Another bonus is that Infinity 2 is unlimited, so no more iPlayer downloads at silly-o’clock!


Tooway Speeds - October 2014
Satellite Broadband Speed on day of Switchover – 12.91 down/6.01 up

Very first speed test with Fibre – 56.49 down/12.98 up

Apparently, it takes a few days for the speed to settle down, whilst the Hub synchronises with the exchange. More tests to follow!

Any comments?