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Logitech Radio (Red)
The rather clever Logitech Squeezebox Radio

This has to be one of the most useful gadgets around. Imagine a radio that does everything an ‘ordinary’ radio does, but adds the ability to:

  • play all the music you have stored on your computer
  • give access to the past 7 days of BBC Radio (iPlayer Radio)
  • tune into tens of thousands of internet radio stations
  • lets you log into Spotify and other music related web-sites

We already had the standard black one, bought back in 2011 – but the limited edition red was worth hunting for. Now all I need to do is track-down the elusive white limited edition, giving us all three colours, and  it’ll allow us to put digital music all around the house.

Did I mention I LOVE gadgets!!!

Nerd smile

Did I also mention that Logitech has decided to stop making them!

Crying face

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