Honeymoon Day 2: 17th December (Saturday) – Perth

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It’s a beautifully hot, sunny day here today, so we’re going to make the most of it and take a look around Perth Harbour area and then take a boat trip to Fremantle.

Scenes of Perth
It was good to hear the sound of a brass band, but strange to see the Salvation Army playing in their shirts in the blazing sun!




All Aboard to Fremantle

We decided to go for the tour that didn’t include lunch as that would give us plenty of time to look around the town. Just over an hour later, we were mooring and taking the short walk to the town.





Fremantle was a very picturesque town, and very colonial in style. We did a fair bit of walking around and filled the time nicely before catching the 3.45 boat back to Perth. A short walk later, we were back in the hotel, just time for a quick wash-and-brush-up before meeting Ann’s ex-work colleague, Jane for a drink and nibbles. We decided to use the Club Lounge floor at the hotel, but it was a lot busier than expected, and finding seats for all five of us was challenging! We managed it though!

Jane left around an hour later, and we decided to keep things simple tonight as far as eating was concerned. We chose the hotel’s main restaurant, and although it was unbearably noisy, the food was a lot better than we expected! Ann and Ralph had steak, whilst Karen and I had the beef stir fry. We skipped dessert, and the bill came to around £200 for the four of us – expensive!

More sight-seeing tomorrow. We’re going to take the free bus to Kings Park and Botanic Gardens and spend most of the day there.

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