Lunch with Denise

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I dropped the car off at Forest Gate just before 8 to have the tyre sensor looked at again, and they kindly gave me a lift to the station. I took the train down to London, quickly followed by the short tube journey across to Holborn.

Denise is now more-or-less full-time in London with her new venture and we had a great lunch at All Bar One in Holborn talking about this and that.

She had a client at 3, so we concluded our loooonnnnnggg lunch 🙂 at around 2.15 so I could get the 3pm train back to Kettering.

It looks like they’ve solved the tyre sensor problem with a software upgrade as the car behaved OK on the journey home, but maybe I shouldn’t speak too soon, let’s see!

I was in by 5 after dropping into a local tilers to pick up some edging strip for Ralph.

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