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Sky HD Box

We finally took the plunge today and went ‘HD’. The Box had been sitting here for a few days as I hadn’t had time to even think about unpacking it all.

Did it go smoothly? No, not really! First, I couldn’t get the TV to switch to the Sky HD box, automatically, on switch-on. I think I’ve solved that one now, but it took ages to sus-out. Next, I couldn’t get any HD channels – then I remembered, I had to ring Sky to get it activated. Luckily, I got through really quickly, and the buttons were pressed at Sky’s end for HD Box to, err, play HD programmes. Must have been the wrong buttons then, because three hours later, there was still no HD output – the on-screen message suggested I needed to call Sky to upgrade – Doh!!!

I rang Sky again, who pressed some different buttons and magically, Sky Atlantic HD sprang to life. All sorted, or so I thought. It was only when I was browsing the Movies channel, that I noticed that there was a message there saying ‘you have the wrong viewing card, please contact Sky’. After another quick call, they ‘repaired’ the card over-the-air and I was soon browsing through the Movies Menu.

So, it seems after two of three hours of faffing around with cables, instruction books and copious amounts of tea, we’re now all sorted!

First impressions of the Sky+ HD box? A gorgeous looking piece of kit, but the on-screen menus do seem a bit confusing – no doubt, I’ll get used to them!

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