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Due to an ‘MDSE’ – that’s a Multiple Diary Synchronisation Error – we ended up being invited to Jo and Janet’s AND Paul and Karen’s on the same evening! That’s very unusual for us, and our normally ‘well-oiled social machine’ – I blame switching diaries in the past two weeks. 

The double-booking was great for sociability, but not so good for our waistlines – especially now we’re both seriously attempting to trim-down for the Wedding!

In spite of doing enough hours at work for TWO weeks’ work this week, J and J managed to cook-up a mouth watering Mexican series of dishes, with an especially yummy chilli! followed by a scrummy dessert. We got to Karen’s about 10pm where they were celebrating Karen’s Mum and Dad’s diamond wedding anniversary and David’s birthday – Our timing was perfect as we just got there in time for their desserts! perfect!!!! Rhiannon had created a white chocolate cheese-cake that was to die for – and the wine flowed frequently and generously!!!

By 11.45, we were flagging, so we made the long journey back to ours – and we were in bed by 11.46!

Thanks everyone – our waistlines are bulging, but we’ve got a big smile on our face from the great food and great company!!! Now where are the Rennies????

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