Insignia: Sneak Peek!

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Having learned that the car had been delivered to the dealership, we took a chance that it would at least be visible, if we took a drive down there – even though the place was closed. As luck would have it, Dan, the Sales Executive who’s looking after the deal, was just locking-up, and offered us a view.

They’re probably the poorest quality photos I’ve ever taken, but it was getting dark, and I didn’t want to use the flash in case the light bounced off the car-body – so they’re both a bit fuzzy – but this is literally what the car looked like straight off the transporter – grubby, covered in stickers and various protective bits, minus the personalised plate and the sport’s grille – and obviously screaming out for a good clean – those ‘bad-boy 20” inch alloys look great though and are a real head-turner! (Note to self: Write to Kettering Council and ask them to sort out all the pot-holes round here!)



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