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Darn those yellow linesI took Lee down to town today so she could sign the paperwork for her new place in Kettering – it’s not long to go now, and the plan is that she officially moves in on the 9th May.

I haven’t driven down to town for ages and the parking was even more nightmarish than my previous attempt a few months back – everyone seemed to be parked on double-yellows or just stopping where they liked – on the pavement, in the taxi rank – and in some cases, two feet from the kerb, making the narrow road even narrower!

And don’t even ask about the twatty who tried to overtake me and squeeze between the two dust-carts ahead. whilst I was stationary, waiting for them to move. Err, top-tip mate – they’re bigger than you, and they don’t mind getting scratched! Still, it gave him an opportunity to behave-against-type and demonstrate multi-tasking – reverse gear and a red-face, both at the same time – we’re clever like that in Kettering!!! 

Yeesh – it’s not good for my blood-pressure!!!!

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