Bat out of Hell… err…Feldkirchen

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8.30 local time. For those of you who were disappointed to learn that Michael Schumacher is not returning to the race-scene, I have good news!

I can confirm that after extensive facial plastic surgery and an enforced two-stone weight gain, he is now driving a taxi from Feldkirchen to Munich Airport.

Overtaking on hairpin bends, straightening out any curve in the road network and regularly exceeding the speed limit (120kph in a 70 zone was a regular thing) ensured that I got to the airport in record time experiencing a mix of exhilaration and fright throughout. The only time I thought he wasn’t Schumacher was when he stopped to point out a beautiful castle along the route!

If he’s the pilot, then I will be nervous!!! – can’t wait to get home.

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