Lazy Saturday

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The plan is… not to plan anything today – just chill-out and do mainly nothing.

I popped round the Stefan’s for some professional advice about the School Magazine production process – and that was a very worthwhile exercise! Cheers Stefan!!

Ann spent a large part of the day, ‘liberating’ lots of JS paperwork and files to their new home – guess where?

We also spent some time looking at our outgoings for the rest of the year and thinking about how best to manage Ann’s redundancy cheque that’s due next week.

We caught up with the Film ‘Vantage Point‘ starring Dennis Quaid. This was far better than I expected it to be. It was a film that told the story of the current President of the USA’s assassination, but told from the viewpoint of the various characters.

Star Trek Logo Virgin 1 ran a series of Star Trek episodes around the theme of time-travel over the weekend. Excellent! They showed four ‘Next generation’, three ‘Deep Space Nine’ and three ‘Voyager’ episodes.

It’s 8.00pm, and of course, tonight is Eurovision Song Contest night. Everyone is saying we could, at last, be in with a chance of winning this year! The song: ‘It’s My Time’ has been written by Andrew Lloyd Webber and is being sung by Jade Ewen (voted for by the public in a short series of TV shows). Jade’s up against 24 other countries and some are pretty good by Eurovision standards. We ought to do better than previous years, not because the song is necessarily any better than previously. It’s simply because the UK have been on a massive charm offensive throughout Europe for the last three months promoting Jade and the song.

The semi-finals were held during the week and they featured the good(ish), bad and the truly awful.

Graham Norton is hosting the final from Moscow tonight; Terry Wogan stepped down last year, disgusted at other nations’ block voting tactics. As most of us know, it’s something that’s been going on for years! This year, we have a voting system based on a panel of music experts plus the public vote. Should be interesting to see how it all turns out

9.55 – The voting has started. It’s not allowed to vote for your own country, so I voted for Albania – see below.

10.25 – The Panel votes are coming in…and the good news we’re second – unheard of in recent years for the UK. The bad news is that the current leader is Norway, by a mile a really stoooopid song featuring someone who looks about 12 years old, singing and playing a violin (the word is that everyone’s voting for the singer’s cuteness)

10.45 – 15 minutes to go and we’re 5th with 102 points

11.15 – The results are in and Norway won scoring the highest points ever in the history of Eurovision – 387 – unbelievable!!!

The UK scored a very respectable 173 and came 5th whilst Albania came 17th with 48 points (shows you how much I know about good music!!)

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