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I picked up Jo and Janet and we went to see the new Star Trek at the local Odeon. It wasn’t Ann’s type of film so she stayed at home, cooking.

More information here on the film at the IMDB site.

Well what can I say? A really superb re-interpretation (or reboot, to use the common terminology) of the Star Trek franchise. JJ Abrams has managed to create a storyline that is sure to please existing fans and those who weren’t even born when Star Trek first appeared in 1966!

An full-on action film from start to finish (with a small flat-spot for me around half-way through) with all the main actors bringing the original characters back to life with uncanny accuracy.

Any disappointments or surprises? Just one: the romance between Spock and Uhura which unless it’s part of a broader story arc, seemed unnecessary and for me, completely out of context.

(lose half-a-star for the kissing bit between Spock and Uhura – yuk!!)

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