Ann’s Redundancy (1 week to go!)

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Here we are then, one week closer to ‘the day’. HR have once again shown their complete insensitivity and disorganisation by continuing to ignore all Ann’s request for a meet. Instead, the bland one-size-fits-all letter arrived last Monday reminding Ann that she’s being made redundant (just in case she had forgotten!) and if she doesn’t sign the compromise agreement, she won’t get the enhanced redundancy package. A good start to the week then and good to see her employer focusing on the positives!

Interestingly, the letter from our Solicitor to HR explaining our reasons for not signing, would have arrived on Tuesday – the day after – but by Thursday there had been no response from HR – not even an acknowledgement of its receipt. If I was to be cynical, I’d say that was deliberate, to un-nerve us, knowing there is only a week to go to get things sorted.

Ann instructed the Solicitor on Friday to chase HR and what a surprise – HR had discussed the letter with their Solicitor – and obviously made a decision about its worth.

A few hours later an email arrived from her employer stating why they would not consider our case. In short, they wouldn’t even acknowledge that there was a equal pay claim! They judged Ann’s colleague as doing ‘a much more important role’ and his job ‘being of much greater value’. OK, that depends how you define value in the context of their jobs and it certainly could be argued that her colleague’s portfolio is worth more than hers – but they’ve defined what value means and have never discussed it with us. They also suggested that her colleague also ‘presented papers for the Board’ – implying that Ann does not. Err, I wonder what Ann spent her time doing on all those late nights in recent weeks and months – yep..writing (and rewriting) Board papers because of her indecisive and inefficient boss!

The refusal to even acknowledge that we have a case has left a real bitter taste in the mouth for us. The arrogant attitude from the other side (which, in fairness we were told might be the case) has left its mark – and we’re very disappointed that we’ve ‘lost’ the battle and won’t be pursuing the case. Why not pursue it? – because it’ll be too stressful and too expensive as it’ll take nearly a year, maybe longer for it to progress it to an ET – and I think her employer knows that! Wouldn’t it be great to win the Lottery and use the money to fight on? You bet!!!!

I can’t see Ann’s final week being particularly pleasant – and it won’t provide a good back-drop to her leaving-do at work on Tuesday either!

Time to look forward rather than back I think…! Very easy to say, but much harder to do…

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