Trapped in the snow!

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Kettering snowI didn’t sleep too well last night and was awake at 3am! Looking  out the window, I noticed it had snowed a lot – what a pain in the arse as I’m off to Daventry today.

I assumed that the journey was going to be bad so I decided to leave a little earlier than I normally do. So, at around 4.30am I got the car out the garage and carefully headed out of the Close. I got to Reynolds Close where there is a slight incline and that’s when my troubles began! I obviously couldn’t use too much throttle and so I started to climb the incline using momentum. Not quite enough though!

The car slowly came to a halt and I spent the next hour trying to get up the incline. Even after trying to dig my way out with the shovel that Ann had suggested I put in the boot (clearly a good idea!), it was mission impassable!

A guy coming the other way in an Astra van tried to help by pushing my car, but it was no good – not even when his mate turned up to lend a hand! After a number of attempts, they left as they needed to get back to the main roads out of Kettering as they were heading for London.

I reversed down the hill for one last time, disengaged electronic traction control and tried again. This time the car got some grip and we sailed past the difficult bit. With some extreme revving of the engine. I managed to get out of

I made it and after a slowish journey to Daventry, I arrived at my normal time around 6.30am.

Surprisingly, Daventry seem to have more snow than Kettering and car-park at the clients had around 4 inches.

I parked in the car-park as normal and prepared for day ahead. As things turned out, it was a good day, and when I came out about 4.30 most of the roads were clear of snow, just wet.

When I arrived home, the snow I’d left behind had started to freeze and it took me a couple of attempts to get on the drive. Just time to check emails before heading for the station to pick Ann who had got the early train at 5.30pm. By 6.30pm, we were home (the drive was still difficult to negotiate).

…what a stressful day, I need a beer!!!

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