John Lewis Christmas Advert (2021)

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Yes, it’s that time of year again! John Lewis officially released its Christmas TV advert at 8am this morning. It’s a tad earlier than previous years by about a week.

This year’s festive treat is called “Unexpected Guest” and for many, this now signals the official beginning of the Christmas shopping period! 🎅🎄đŸ¤ļ

According to JL PR department: “It’s the magical tale of 14-year-old Nathan, who discovers an unexpected guest and space traveller, Skye, has landed in the woods beside his home. As he introduces her to the season’s traditions, their friendship develops and we see the magic of Christmas through the eyes of someone experiencing it for the very first time”.

Name that Tune!

With a cover of Together in Electric Dreams by Lola Young, a Graduate from the Brit School (the original track, released in 1977, was sung by Phil Oakey!).

it looked, sounded and felt like a ‘return to form’ for JL with the “Ahh factor” dialled up 11!

In keeping with recent years, JL has launched a range of Christmas-themed bits and bobs with 10% of the revenue going to families in need. Nice touch!

😁 or ☚ī¸! depending on your interpretation of the festive spirit. I’m a big softy, so it’s a massive 👍 from me!

Enjoy! 😁

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