Jo and Janet for Supper – well, Pizzas actually!

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Pizzas - one each!!!

The roads and paths round here are really bad. They’re either covered in snow, covered in ice – or worse still, both!

Using the car is completely out of the question and there have been a number of examples on the news of people losing control of their vehicle and the car ending up in a ditch or up a tree! In fact, Karen next door, had to leave her car in town because the driving conditions were so bad.

Jo and Janet braved the elements and waded through the snow to join us for a pizza supper. Ann had left early from work, so we all got together slightly earlier, around 7pm. We had planned to watch a DVD – Atonement – but by the time we had stopped chatting and resolved the global economic crisis, the weather situation and the big re-structure at work, it was 9pm!

We were all knackered and we said our good-byes around 9.30. The washing-up can wait until tomorrow – we’re knackered!!

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