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Camel (February 1973) Mirage (March 1974) The Snow Goose (April 1975) Moon Madness (April 1976)   
Rain Dances (September 1977) Breathless (September 1978) A Live Record (April 1978) I Can See Your House From Here (October 1979)   
Nude (January 1981) The Single Factor (May 1982) Stationary Traveller (1984). Remastered, 2004 Pressure Points (1984)  
A Compact Compilation (1986) Dust and Dreams (1992) Harbour of Tears (January 1996) Rajaz (October 1999)  
The Paris Collection (October 2001) A Nod and a Wink (August 2002)

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I had a bit of time on my hands so I resampled all my Albums by Camel. I’d quite forgotten how good they were! There was also a practical reason for doing so – ever since I learned that my Mondeo could play MP3s, some of my early samples of the Albums played the tracks in the wrong order, alphabetical instead of by track number (because I’d forgotten to precede each track name with the track number). Doh!

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