Track information and MP3 capability on my Mondeo

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I suppose I knew this all along, but I never got round to following it through. Ever since one of Ann’s CDs showed the track information when it played in the Mondeo, I’ve been wondering how it was done. Well, it’s called ‘CD-text’ and I’d vaguely heard of the concept, but had never found a use for it. The good news is that the Hi-Fi in the car supports it. So, after a lot of experimentation, I burned a normal CD together with CD-text (using MediaMonkey) and all the tracks showed up on the display – how brilliant is that!!

Better than that though, is the fact that I can simply drag-n-drop MP3s onto a CD and that plays too – complete with all the track information as in the photograph above – not because of CD-text, but presumably, because it reads the MP3 tags – brilliant again!

I’ve also discovered that if I have a CD that doesn’t have cd-text embedded in it, I can sample it in MediaMonkey and the software will offer to add the CD-text as part of the burning process – double brilliant!!

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