Bye-bye Jaguar s-type (Well almost!)/Replacement XDA/Spoiler Alert!

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This time yesterday, I learned that if I was going to get the full market value for the Jaguar, then I’d have to sell it. That was quite a shock as I thought Jaguar Finance would handle the equity related to the payments.

Today, Kevin from Sytner came round and bought the car on behalf of Jaguar, Northampton. It was all over inside 30 minutes.

Kevin left with a mint Jaguar (well almost! The deal is done and the car will be picked up in the next week or so).

I’m left with a cheque for 1906.31 plus a month free or repayments. I can’t remember the last time I made any money with a car. Nice one! πŸ™‚
In a way, I’ll be sorry to see it go. It was certainly a comfy car and the engine was very quiet (for a diesel) and smooth too. However, I always felt that in spite of the twin-turbo, it was a real ‘tortoise’ from a standing start. πŸ™

My replacement XDA Stellar turned up today (wow! that was quick). I managed to restore most of the data from the faulty unti, although my email account didn’t transfer properly. The database is on the device, but it can’t be *seen* in Pocket Outlook. Still, it just meant I had to recreate the account.
Good news! I heard today that I *will* be able to have a rear spoiler fitted to my new car!

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