Weekend with Roy, Susan and Lauren

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We drove over to Roy, Susan’s and Lauren’s in Ramsey today and got there about 2.30. We kicked off with a nice cuppa and spent the afternoon chatting about this and that – putting the world right, as you do.

Lauren was ‘super-chef’ for the day beginning with some delicious blueberry muffins – they were out of this world and it was hard to stop at two each! In the  evening, it was Lauren’s culinary expertise again as we all tucked into a three-course meal starting with mushrooms, then salmon and finally fruit and ice-cream. Well done Lauren, the food was nothing short of excellent!

I showed Roy how to display his digital photos on his newish 50 inch plasma and we spent the evening enjoying their recent caravan travels and continuing our chats. Roy managed to find some photographs of his 21st birthday with me (supported by a beer glass) in the background. It was 1987, and we all looked so much younger then. The blonde stripper in the pics looked good too!  

The next time we looked at the clock, it was 10.30 and so we headed for bed. 

Sunday: We both slept well, but I seem to acquired a really sore throat, and my guess is that it’ll turn into a fully fledge cold in the next few days – bah!!! For brekky, I did scrambled egg on toast for four (Roy had already dropped Lauren at work), and we chatted about the wedding and some of the surprises we have in store!

It didn’t take us long to repack our stuff after breakfast, so we said our goodbyes and headed home.

Roy, Susan, Janine – Thanks for a great weekend!

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