New Car 2008

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Well, here we are, at that time of year again, where the decision is made about the car that’ll see me though the next three years or so.

After a lot of agonising over exactly which model to have and a lot of help and advice from my good friends at Volvo, I’ve decided to go for a Ford. Not that the Volvos weren’t a good car. They were, but I was very disappointed in their premium diesel engine which is what I’d set my heart on.

So, after some decision making regarding the colour and the interior trim plus which extras to go for, it almost certainly will be the new Ford Mondeo – 4 door saloon, 2 litre TDCI automatic. And, for the first time, I’ll be using ‘contract hire’ as the finance method. A lot of car for the money – and Mr Ford takes care of the bills too!!!

If all goes to plan, I should take delivery in April some time.

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