Film: The Matrix: Resurrections (2021)

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I’m back at the local Odeon with Jo and Janet to see ‘The Matrix: Resurrections‘.

I loved the two original Matrix movies (even if I didn’t fully understand what was always going on – I sensed where it was all going!), and this promises more of the same – but whether it was any good had divided the critics!

It’s hard to believe that it was back in 1999 that The Matrix was first released, showcasing a new sort of SFX called Bullet Time – subsequently raising the bar in terms of movie effects. It also put New South Wales on the map as a viable shooting location.

The Matrix Reloaded followed in May 2003 closely followed by The Matrix Revolutions in November of the same year.

So, here we are in January, 2022 with the follow-up. Directed by Lana Wachowski with Keanu Reeves bringing his character, Neo/Thomas Anderson, back to the screen after nearly 20 years. Laurence Fishburne‘s character, Morpheus is also present (although in an alternative form). whilst fans of the original character Trinity won’t be disappointed either, as she has a major role here too.

The previous two films were complex in nature, introducing audiences to an alternate reality, where nothing was what it seemed. Green vertical text running down computer screens became a ‘thing’! 🙄

I’m going in…

…or coming out… or travelling through… or back from… the Matrix (or something!) 🤔 It was another bladder-challenging exercise (whatever happened to 90-minute movies?) clocking-in at the now standard two hours plus for a blockbuster – 2 hours 28 minutes to be precise! 😯

I wonder if this latest offering will be as mentally challenging as the first two??? I do hope so!! 😏. I love a good sci-fi mystery!

Half a star for the cat plus half a star for the CGI

Yeesh! Be careful what you wish for! Complex or what!!!! Almost to the point where it became just annoying! 😣. I’m not the sharpest knife in the box, but I was reaching for the pain-killers and plasters inside the first 60 minutes due to too much head-scratching. Good grief, it made Chris Nolan‘s epic Tenet from 2020 (that everyone acknowledged was a real mystery) feel quite ordinary.

I genuinely think you could have jumbled up all the scenes in Resurrections and it wouldn’t have made any difference to anyone’s understanding. I guess it might have made more sense if I’d re-watched the previous two outings before taking my seat today..?

…or maybe it wouldn’t! 😮

Look, I love a good sci-fi yarn as much as the next nerd, but this was all just complete nonsense!!! It demanded 150% concentration, 100% of the time (and I did try!) – and it still made no sense whatsoever! Maybe Matrix diehards will disagree, and all their questions were answered – my question is: “why did they bother making this?”.

Too harsh? It would be good to hear from a diehard for a second opinion.🤔

Anything noteworthy? All credit to the actors who were able to deliver this pretentious trash with such conviction. And talking of conviction, there ought to be a law for ‘crimes against the cinema’. The black cat was most credible (puss had no dialogue!) and the CGI worlds were very convincing! Oh, and the Costa coffee was very good! 😉 I’ve never looked forward to the credits so much!

Worst part of all, it’s all been set up so that there’s probably a sequel coming… or worse, even a multi-film franchise!!! 🤐

I’m only hoping I’m trapped in an alternative reality where at the cinema, structure and credible dialogue don’t matter, and where mass mindless violence is used as a filler between scenes.

Oh s***! Apparently I’m not, I’m really in Kettering Odeon!! 😫. This travesty of a production has set the sci-fi genre back 50 years!

Easily the worst film of the year so far… and I have a sneaking suspicion, it’ll remain that way for the rest of 2022.

Unless you’ve got nothing better to do with 148 minutes of your life, avoid this at all costs! One for the diehards and/or completists only 😮

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