Return to Great Oxendon

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A new year and time to begin resuming many of the enjoyable routines from 2021! 👍

And one of those routines is our regular lunch date with friends and neighbours, David and Valerie.

Living where we do means that we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to eateries on our doorstep. We could probably find somewhere new each time – and still never visit the same place twice! – a real first-world problem ehh?


But here we are, going against that principle today, and returning to The George at Great Oxendon. We first came here back in November last year with great mates Paul and Sue, who introduced us to this fine eating (drinking and accommodation) establishment!

Carrot & Chilli Soup
Beef Medallions

Great food (just like last time) – Just a pity they were out of Guinness (for me) and Ketchup (for Ann’s chips!)

About halfway through the main course, we noticed it had begun to snow! ❄️

Yummy! (again!)

For no other reason, apart from we felt very full, we almost didn’t go for a pud! But in the end, apart from David, who couldn’t find anything that he fancied, we dived in! The girls survived on a scoop of ice-cream, whilst I chose something more substantial! 😉

Chocolate and Salted Caramel Delice

Then, after paying the bill, we headed back to D&V’s for a cuppa! As we left, the weather had changed from light snow to rain (the very cold variety). Half-an-hour later, we were sitting in front of their open fire with a coffee and a tasty selection of chocolate biscuits! 😋

The diet starts tomorrow!


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