Holiday Blog – Day 2

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Well, we didn’t quite manage the full six courses last night. We blew out just before the home-made Crème Brulé with Rum dessert and the glass of Port.

Off to ‘Giants Castle’ today, a ginormous nature reserve, which took us about an hour to get to by car. The road varied a great deal from the very s-m-o-o-t-h, to the sort where we had to watch out for the seriously-deep pot-holes.

Giants Castle was fantastic – very hot and full of unusual looking birds. – a little like a disco in Romford! 🙂

We chose to visit the ‘Giant’s Caves’ which took a long 40 minute treck by foot across some challenging walking surfaces (Romford again?).

It was worth the walk, simply to see the very old cave paintings. Our Guide who explained them, also showed us how to speak fluent Zulu. The paintings were very faded and depicted men hunting, taking drugs and turning into animals. Hhhm…remind you of anywhere?

The final challenge of the is to tackle tonight’s six-courser. It’s a tough world out here!

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