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Welcome to Northamptonshire! The natural habitat of ‘camerus speedius’. More speed cameras in this county than anywhere else I think !!!

In amongst the Christmas Cards was a surprise pressy from Northamptonshire Police reminding me that I was caught by a mobile speed camera on Tuesday, 13th doing 41 in a 30mph zone. Bugger!! Actually, I was feeling pretty smug when I drove through the village doing 40…because that was the speed limit for most of the village. It seems that as you LEAVE the village (away from pedestrians, schools, cats, dogs, goats etc), the limit DROPS to 30mph. Drat and double drat!

That’s two speeding tickets in six months. The previous one in June was a fair cop…but this one felt very sneeky!

I think I shall be buying a speed camera detector tomorrow as I’ve now got 9 points on my Licence.

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