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Popped down to Cirencester to meet a work colleague, Lydia, to discuss our forthcoming presentation. I just made it, as the car conked out in the car park of the Swan hotel, where we were due to meet.

Top marks to Anthony the AA Man for his excellent customer/handling skills. Although he wasn’t able to fix it, he did everything he could to take the stress out of the situation.

{Prepare to engage Victor Meldrew mode}

Contrast that with the crap customer service I experienced at the Swan Hotel in Bibury whilst waiting for the low loader to arrive. I thought it was only right to let them know I’d broken down in their car park, and could I perch in their lounge.

I then attempted to order a coffee. ‘Sorry, you can’t have coffee here, you have to go to our café along the corridor’. Fair enough! I arrive at the Café and ask for a coffee. I’m then told, I can’t have a coffee because ‘I’m not a resident’. ARGHHHH!

OK, she did change her mind :), but only because I looked angry! Amazing! A quick chat with Reception, and bless them, they let me have the coffee for free. Such generosity!!

Thank you ‘The Swan’ for providing me with even more case study material for my work. If I made it up, people wouldn’t believe me!

Message to the Manager (sit down, you might find this radical)

– Encourage front-of-house staff to smile – it costs nothing, and makes a lasting impression.

– Listen to the customer. How about OFFERING me a coffee. Is it reasonable that I might need one after the car broke down?

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