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Are we the last couple to catch Bohemian Rhapsody whilst it was showing at the local Odeon?- Quite possibly!

We opted for the 2.30 performance in Screen 2 which was about 10% full when the movie rolled.

Was it any good though? Given the haemorrhaging of actors for the title role and a troubled production process, it was a wonder it EVER got made! However, reviews had been very positive and our friends who’ve seen it, sang its praises!

And as it turned out, we were no different. It was an excellent movie with actor, Rami Malek living and breathing Freddie Mercury throughout – at times, the resemblance and mannerisms was almost uncanny! Hats off then, to Malek’s acting ability, and all the cast for making it such a watchable event – it almost felt like a documentary at times (and that’s no bad thing in my book!)

The film left us with a feeling of sadness at a talent that was lost at such a young age. Underneath it all, in spite of his genius, he came across sometimes as just a confused, sad, little boy!
Crying face
The standout scene for me was the re-creation of Queen’s Live Aid performance – how did they do that!!??

The film had been criticised by many of those ‘in the know’ at glossing over big parts of his life – and especially his sexuality, but I guess there is only so much you can squeeze into a film, and keep the audience interested. We were impressed though and definitely one of our fave-films of the year.


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