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Another day, another lunch with friends! I can certainly recommend retirement!
Today, we took a leisurely drive over to Uppingham to meet up with Nick and Celina. We started off by having a mooch around the town – always extra nice when it’s Market Day there. Amazingly, we got parked almost immediately too – that’s a first!! (especially on a Friday.

We arrived just ahead of N&C and quickly picked-up a few good deals: A Trapper Hat for £6 and some cable clips (for the recently re-wired Ethernet connection to the TV/DVD/Sky Q box) sold individually.

After a quick walk up and down, we decamped to The Falcon Hotel for a quick cuppa (I was limited to a ‘Lent friendly’ cup of black Earl-Grey tea!) and then took the short drive to The Old White Hart in nearby Lyddington.

The Old White Hart
We haven’t been here since June 2013 when (spookily) we’d also accompanied Nick and Celina, together with Ralph and Karen.

The food didn’t disappoint, and I was soon tucking into Veal Schnitzel followed by Sticky Date Pudding with Liquorice Ice-Cream (without the Lent-busting latter!)

It was a long lazy lunch (surely the best type!) and we eventually said our goodbyes around 2.30.

Happy days!


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