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Val and I went to the Odeon today to see the recently released, Early Man. This was a very family friendly film from Aardman’s Nick Park, who’s been away from our screens since his Wallace and Gromit short, A Matter Of Loaf And Death for the BBC in 2008.

The car-park was surprisingly full when we arrived for the 2.15 showing, but on looking at what was on offer when we picked up the tickets inside, we couldn’t work out what everyone was there to see. Strange!

Well, certainly no-one had flocked to ‘our’ film as Screen 3 was mostly empty – but as things turned out, it was probably their loss, as it turned out to be a mega giggle-fest.

The plot is 100% predictable (which makes a pleasant change these days), and forget everything you know about the Stone-age/Bronze age – this isn’t a history programme! Instead, consider the following: If you like your sheep to be called Shaun, your puns delivered with the rapidity of a machine-gun, and your gags on the very visual side – this is a must-see. Consequently it’s guaranteed to leave you with a massive smile on your face!

As a bonus for the grown-ups, a large part of the fun is working out who is doing the voices. If you stick around for the credits, there’s more than a few, “Oh, it’s him” moments to savour!


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