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As we get closer and closer to the festive season (looking for any excuse to get together with the neighbours!), we kicked things off tonight with a fish & chip supper here at ours.

The ‘Gang-of-Eight’ were all here: Tom, Julie, John, Trish, Paul, Karen, David and Rosi. Over the years that we’ve all known each other (20+ and counting!) it’s almost become an annual tradition that we’ll all attempt a get-together at each other’s houses before the big day. So far so good then with Dave & Rosi’s on the 11th November, Tom and Julie’s on the 2nd December and John and Trish’s on the 9th December!


Back to tonight and us-being-us, meant that we couldn’t just keep it simple and just survive on fish and chips! In addition, Ann sorted out a rather scrummy Fruit Crumble with a Muesli Topping and there was also the obligatory cheese-board – all helped down with various alcoholic beverages! My new Gin Palace also got a massive workout too and it was probably the first get-together where there was more Gin consumed than Beer!


The evening began with me picking-up the fish from nearby Kettering Cod. We’d pre-ordered, so it was a very simple matter of turning up and handing over the cash – none of this queuing malarkey!
Generous portions too! Even the small fish were large! And they threw-in a free bottle of 7-up and some ‘special’ vinegar too!


It was a great evening, and I think we all agreed that the crappy Summer meant that we hadn’t seen as much of each other as we would have liked! Still, we made up for it this evening – what a laugh! Roll-on, the next event!

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