Doctor Who – Series 10, Episode 12: ‘The Doctor Falls’

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Well, this is it! The final outing for Peter Capaldi as the Doctor and Steven Moffat as Lead script-writer and Showrunner. No doubt, the Interweb will catch fire tonight at around 7.31pm, just after the series finale ends and (presumably) the current Doctor morphs into the new actor playing the next incarnation of the titular hero.

I’m writing this intro piece at around 5.45pm before the episode airs (at 6.30pm) as we’re out tonight. I plan to watch it when we get home around 9.30pm (having carefully avoided reading any information online and listening/reading any messages from well-meaning friends who know I’m a super-fan).


Here we are… it’s 9.42pm, the lounge and TV are both solely mine and I have a G & T in one hand – I’m ready! It’s an extended edition (1 hour!) and I’m looking forward to seeing how this final episode will conclude.

10.45pm – Wow! What a truck-load of surprises (that I won’t reveal here, in case you’ve yet to catch-up). Although I didn’t think the episode was quite as good as last week’s (same Director, Rachel Tatalay) Steven Moffat, as usual, somewhat wrong-footed most of us, as the ending wasn’t what anyone expected – and subsequently has set things up nicely for the Christmas Day Special.

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