Boxing Day in January

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The Boxers’ natural habitat

Boxing Day in January? Well Boxing evening actually!

We did Trish a favour tonight and helped her with the Refreshments at one of Kettering School of Boxing’s big events. Well, they say there’s a first time for everything – and it certainly was for us, as neither of us had ever been to a Boxing event before!

Our natural habitat

From our vantage point of the refreshments room, we had a great view of all the bouts and we had a great time. It was good to see so many local youngsters taking part (whether or not you think boxing is a ‘good’ thing) whilst the opposition had travelled all the way from Cornwall and Devon. With the travel-distances in mind and some of the contestants being very young, it meant that it all started earlier than normal (6.00pm) – and therefore finished earlier!

Apparently, these events go onto midnight – and beyond, and those that know us two will confirm that’s NOT our best time! Fortunately, with the prospect of some of the Boxers and their Coaches facing a five-hour drive home, it was all over by 10.15 and we were all cleared up by around 10.30.

A great night!

Smile Smile Smile  Smile Smile

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