Bye-Bye WLW, hello OLW

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I’m posting this, in case there are any other Windows Live Writer (WLW) users out there experiencing the same problem.

On, or around 9th December, my version of WLW stopped working. I had the same problem back in May, when Mr Google faffed about with some security protocol which stopped WLW ‘talking’ to my Blogger account.

Well, hey-ho, it’s almost Christmas, when gazillions of bloggers will be planning to post all manner of things – and guess what? the same problem has arisen again. This time though, there’s no fix, in the short-term – and it looks like it’s down to Google again.

On the horizon, though is some VERY good news. The code used by WLW has been donated to .net by Microsoft, thus making it open-source – and a group of programmers and other enthusiasts have all got together to take the program and improve and support it.

The new name will be ‘Open Live Writer’ (OLW), and I look forward to seeing the fruits of their labour. I can’t think how many bloggers out their use WLW, it must be counted in terms of millions, so this is GREAT news!

Open Live Writer’s site is HERE

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