How did we do? ‘Eat-for-a-£1-a-Day’ (2015)

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Well, that’s it for 2015 where David and I have survived this year’s challenge of living on a £1 a day each for seven days without straying. We also managed to raise over £300 for OXFAM too – £381 at the time of writing (and I lost 6.5 pounds in weight too!). Thanks for your generosity – it’s very much appreciated. We’re going to keep the website open until NEXT Saturday in case any of you didn’t get around to donating.
For me, last year – our first time at this – was really hard, but this time, it felt a bit easier with not quite so many ‘munchie moments’ where I could have easily been tempted to tuck into some forbidden fruit (or veg – or anything really!)
Don't tell anyone smile
Quantity-wise with the food, as last year, we got it about right. In 2014, we had tea-bags, milk and butter left over – and this year, it was much the same (although we’d downgraded from Butter to ‘Spread’ this time around to free up some cash). When we did the shop this year, we came in under budget by a whole 29p and also held back 36p in case we needed another loaf.

As the week progressed, we made a few tweaks to the original menu plan and so we DID need more bread – and a tin of tomatoes too as part of the leftovers day on Saturday. So, in the end, it worked out as just about £14 for the two of us for the week – perfect!

We’re probably repeat the exercise next year in some form, but maybe earlier, so it doesn’t overlap with Children in Need and Remembrance

Now where are those pies!!???

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