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Not sure...
The rather odd-looking XJR – not sure about the colour either!

Yes please!
That’s more like it! – a rather sexy looking XFRS

Neil stayed over last night, as today, we’re heading for the spiritual home of many Jaguars – Castle Bromwich, home the XE, the XJ and of course my fave, the XK. The Spitfire and Lancaster were assembled here too!

It was a stop-start journey all the way there, although we arrived in good time as we’d sensibly left early – just enough time to check out McD’s at Fort Dunlop!

On arrival, we were registered whilst we waited for the remaining guests to arrive. On the stroke of 10, our Tour began, and our smallish group of about a dozen headed off by mini-bus to begin the experience – to see the XJ being built. It was amazing on a number of levels. First, how quiet it was. Second, how clean it was, and third how automated the process has become. We learned a tremendous amount about the models and how certain parts of the process were managed. Brilliant!

So, all-in-all, it was a really good tour, lasting almost two hours, and we got to see all the major stages in the production of a Jaguar. Disappointing, but maybe understandably, we weren’t allowed to take any photographs inside the factory itself, so I had to make do with a couple from the Reception area, but it was a really comprehensive experience. We finished the Tour in the XF area where we saw virtually every variant in every colour – a truly unique day!

Jaguar - Castle Bromwich
A great day at Jaguar, Castle Bromwich

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