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Ahh, that’s where it is. Fibre Broadband might be there, but it’s not HERE, if you get my drift.

This is the latest piece of tech to have been installed just up the road from us, to finally make Fibre Broadband a reality – but I reckon it’s VIRTUAL reality.

Apparently, we’ve almost got it, but Openreach need another two days (in addition to the week they’ve had working on it already) to try and rectify the fault that’s stopping me, (and maybe other locals), getting this latest whizzy broadband technology.

Still, we’ve waited nearly 20 years, so what’s another few weeks!!!
Sad smile

Update: 1.30pm. Spoke with one of the BT Twitter team @BTCare and they’ve confirmed that it’s all now fixed, and we’re on for the installation on the 10th October. Whoopy-do!

Any comments?