Fire and Ice

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We woke to find that we’d had around 3-4 inches of snow overnight – all that on top of the ice from yesterday! Nice!!! The house felt freezing, so we fired up the  err, fire and were soon ‘toasty-warm’. We postponed our drive over to Peterborough preferring to stay in and catch-up with stuff on the Sky box.
After breakfast, with about five layers of clothing on each, we both slipped onto the drive armed with shovels and grit to clear as much as we could. Trevor was out there doing the same and so was Paul – and we all found it pretty straightforward as it was all fresh. We also cleared part of David and Val’s drive in readiness for their return from holiday tomorrow.
An hour later, it was all done and we retreated indoors to the warm. We were planning to go to The Derngate tonight, but the side roads out of here still look treacherous, so I think we’ll give it a miss. Another reason for staying in was that we’re picking up Ann’s new car tomorrow and we didn’t want to tempt fate and take the Fiesta out in this weather!

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