Handel with a Candle

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I was stuck for a title for this blog, but Ralph came to the rescue – cheers Dude! If ever they re-invent Cluedo using famous musicians, Colonel Mustard now has a rival! 🙂

Lee, Ann and I drove over to the Royal and Derngate Theatre in Northampton tonight to see the Handel by Candlelight concert. It was a belated birthday present for Lee. On arriving, we realised how long it’s been since we were last in the area as the open-air car-park had been replaced by a whacking great Halls of Residence building for Northampton University!

Nearly there...
So, we followed the herd and queued for the multi-storey. Call me paranoid, but I HATE multi-storeys with a passion, mainly because they nearly always have floor-ramps that are far too narrow and tight for turning, and I’m always convinced that I’m going to clip an alloy entering or leaving. Luckily, this one was an exception and I managed to get to our parking space without any hint of a dink!

On arriving at the Theatre, that seemed to have changed out of all recognition too and we realised how it’s been since we were last there! “WHOOSH!!!! there goes you life mate” 🙂
Perfect seats!!!!
We headed for our seats with just ten minutes to spare and the Theatre was soon full – it was good to see the event so well supported. The ‘Band’ arrived, dressed in period costume and the crowd were soon tapping their feet to Handel’s Greatest Hits including Arrival Of The Queen Sheba, Let The Bright Seraphim Overture, Trumpet Suite, Largo Xerxes, Water Music Suite and many more. Stars on the night included Crispin Steel-Perkins on the trumpet (who we’ve seen many times before) and Rachel Nicholls, the soprano, (who we hadn’t), whose voice was just powerful and perfect I’m sure she could smash windows at 500 paces! Sopranos can often be a bit screechy – not this one – fantastic!!!

By 9.30 it was all over and we once again followed the herd to the car-park. You know you’re getting older when prices become the topic of conversation – £1 to park seemed very reasonable (Kettering Station car-park take note!!!!). We were home by 10 and finished the evening by checking the rail travel scene for Ann’s big day tomorrow!

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