A Mocha, a Matt and an iMac

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Ian's shiny new Mac!









I met up with Ian today in Solihull (The Touchwood Shopping Centre) – our mission was to consider the various options for his replacement computer. First stop was a coffee to discuss our plans – Macs first and then possibly John Lewis for PCs. Luckily, there was the Apple Store nearby and we were soon drooling over their large screened variants! It took a while to attract the attention of one of their staff, but after around 15 minutes Matt was looking after us. Hats off to him, he was very knowledgeable and was able answer all our questions.

Twenty minutes later, Ian was in possession of a rather good-looking iMAC Pro with a glorious 27 inch display, a three-year support package and MS Office for the MAC – plus, a load of vouchers to spend on Apple products!

(A very pleasant) ‘mission accomplished’!

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