Paul and Sue’s 25th

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Paul taking time out form drumming to entertain the masses!








We drove the short distance to Rothwell this afternoon, arriving around 5pm to join the celebrations for Paul and Sue’s 25th Anniversary Party. It was an outside event and mercifully, the rain had stopped – and that got the whole thing off to a great start. I guess there must have been around 100 people there and it had a really good party atmosphere.

Although we didn’t know many people there, we did catch-up with Chris and Cathy and also Julian and Barbara (I haven’t seen Julian for many, many years), and we were soon catching up on each others’ news. In between the gossip, there was (just!) enough time to sample the shed loads of buffet food – and ice cream and cake followed – which was just perfect!

Cake, cake and more cake!









There was a local five-piece band playing, where Paul was their recently recruited drummer – and a fine job he did, with familiar tunes wafting across the Rothwell plains.

A touching speech from Sue














Paul and Sue’s individual speeches were very touching and well appreciated by the crowd.

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