Honeymoon Day 11: 26th December (Monday) – Apollo Bay

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We woke to crappy weather – cold, and slightly raining. The plan is to drive away from the local area for some scenic photographs of the coast. This proved to be a smart move, as the weather deteriorated.

First stop was Castle Cove, the first of many stopping points with views of the stunning coastline

Next stop was the must-see tourist attraction The Twelve Apostles. This is a series of rock formations off the coast that depict each of the twelve apostles. Maybe it was me, but I only counted eight!


Then it was further along the coast towards Port Campbell where we stopped off for lunch at Room Six a superb Greek restaurant


Next stop was London Bridge

…then The Arch

And finally, whilst Ann snoozed in the car, we three stopped off at wildlife centre featuring real-life kangaroos and koalas (no! really? in Australia????)


5pm. Time to head back to Apollo Bay. As we got close, the weather returned to its normal crappy greyness and wetness! Just time to top up with beer, wine and nibbles in preparation for our second ‘movie-night’. Out of the stock here, we chose The Deal starring Christian Slater – a pretty good film, but a rushed ending!

Tomorrow is another travel day.  Next stop: Sydney!

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