Honeymoon Day 5: 20th December (Tuesday) – Exploring

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Today we planned to explore the local area and hopefully to take in the views of the coast and discover some wine-cellars too.

We set off in the car after a late breakfast in the direction of Margaret River and the views, as expected were stunning. There was plenty of surfing going on and the weather was in the mid 20s. We drove over to the famous Cape Lodge restaurant in Margaret River where we booked a meal for tomorrow night to celebrate our anniversary – of one week! On our travels, we stopped off at a local eatery for a coffee and a snack – Ralph and I tried the Banoffee Pie, but they’d missed out the banana!
What proved more difficult was finding a wine-cellar that also had a restaurant. There were plenty of them, but in every case, the restaurants were closed. Plan ‘B’ then – Luckily, we’d already popped into a supermarket to stock-up on snacks for our carpet picnic tonight, so we simply abandoned the restaurant-searching and headed back to our room where we had the picnic for lunch.

For our evening out, we headed to The PourHouse on recommendation by one of the staff here. It was a Bar in nearby Dunsborough that served a range of burgers and an even larger selection of beers and ciders. We had four drinks and four puddings and it cost £50 – it sure is expensive out here! We stayed there for about an hour and then headed back to the apartment for more drinks and nibbles! (it’s a tough life!!!)

We switched on the TV hoping to catch a movie, and we were lucky that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (Part 2) had just started.

So, all-in-all a good day, if only a bit unpredictable! We’re exploring the Caves tomorrow and then going out for our anniversary meal.

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