..and so, ‘Bye-Bye Mr Mondeo’

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And so, with just a few days until its three-year anniversary, my trusty Mondeo is leaving today for a new home. I’ve always had a close relationship with my cars – maybe it’s a bloke thing or maybe it’s just me but and I WILL be sorry to see it go. It has to be up there in my list of ‘most enjoyable motors’, not based on any ONE feature, just the whole ownership experience. 10.24am – the man from the lease company arrived today, to no doubt drop it into an anonymous car-compound somewhere in the UK whilst it awaits its fate new owner!

It’s been 100% reliable during its time here, apart from a minor glitch with an dashboard error message when I first owned it – so just perfect then!! 

But, as they say, ‘onwards and upwards’ and my new Vauxhall  Insignia, will, for the next three years, be taking pride of place on the drive (but mostly tucked away in the garage) as our main transport. Thank-you Mr Ford and thanks to Paul, neighbour and friend from Central Garage, who sold it to me back in 2008. They’re nice people there!

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