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Hi MadeleineWhere? Here? Maybe? After almost 20 years of Hotmail ( the original free email service), I finally closed down the account today. Although I’d only been using it as a backup email account for personal stuff in recent years, it all started to go horribly wrong about a week ago. 
Steaming mad Steaming mad Steaming mad
I began receiving over 300 emails a day, 20 an hour, every hour for almost a week – Lucky me, but I’m just not that popular under normal circumstances! On reading the replies to the emails supposedly sent by me, I could see why the response was so large. Those pics aren’t of me, (I don’t look good in a bikini!) and why is everyone calling me Madeleine in their replies? I also seemed to have been multi-tasking as well and become a supplier of specialist (ahem!) medication for men!
Flirt female Flirt female Flirt female
So, what’s going on? Well, it would appear that some little scrote had managed to hijack the account and use it for shady purposes – I’m just surprised no-one got in touch to claim their 1.5 million Euros I’d promised them, held in my ‘special account’ in Nigeria!
Winking smile Winking smile Winking smile
Anyway, enough is enough, and the only thing to do was to close it down – some of the replies to me were a bit, err, hostile, and it would have been completely impractical to reply to every sender explaining it wasn’t really me clogging up their inboxes!
Left hug Email Right hug
Don’t ya just luv technology!

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