New Car 2011–Vauxhall Insignia 2.0 CDTi 4×4

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Ok, I officially signed-on-the-line today for my new car. It should here towards the end of March/early April.
Insignia - Technical Grey 
Apart from the challenge (for just 24 hours!) of the finance deal – in terms of will they or won’t offer it?, the only other difficulty was choosing the colour. I nearly went for silver…nearly!, but in a last minute change of heart, I wasn’t sure it really went with the light interior. In the end, I settled for Technical Grey, which is, technically, err, grey! My only reservation is that it’s a very popular colour and it would have been nice to make the car stand-out by choosing  an unusual colour, like their new shade for 2011 – mahogany. Trouble was, having looked at a photograph and a swatch at the dealership, it just looked a little too brown for me – I was hoping for more of a red shade. With the help of the sales executive, we tracked down an actual Insignia in mahogany at another dealership – but it was hundreds of miles away…and by the time I left, the promised digital photo hadn’t arrived by email.

As you would expect, the car is packed full of the normal boys’ toys – including a few unusual ones:  iPod link, variable ride control, heated and ventilated driver’s seat, the most advanced lighting system I ever seen on a car (forget dipped or  main beam, this baby’s got EIGHT different settings and it’ll automatically adjust for driving abroad). Finally it’s got perforated leather and I haven’t had that since I bought the s-type Jaguar back in 2005. The two things that are new for me, are 20 inch alloys and all-wheel drive.

Boys and their toys ehh?

Open-mouthed smile

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