Stamford/Avatar (almost!)/Mazza’s

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We took a drive over to Stamford for a few bits of shopping. Boy was it cold!!! We managed to get everything we were looking for, and Lee even picked-up a couple of ‘Frank Spencer’ style hats. Nice 🙂 Lee also bought us some silver ornamental cats.

cat ornament 2010

We were back by 2pm, with the plan being to catch-up with Jo and Janet at the Odeon and see Avatar in 3D. No such luck, even after all this time, there were only a few seats left – and they were right down the front – it’s obviously a popular film!!!

Plan B then. Down to J and J’s for 7.30 to try out Mazza’s delivery service. Lee joined us, although she opted to make herself some sandwiches to bring with her. As expected, the curries were superb!!!

We stayed until around 10, then took the short walk up the hill, home. Bed by 10.15! Dirty stop-outs!!! 🙂

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