Chish and Fips!

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A busy, but ultimately enjoyable day. It didn’t start off that way though! For no reason, at about 11am, we lost all connections to the internet for about an hour, just at the point where all the stuff I’d been working on in the morning needed a connection to complete the job. Strangely, email was OK, but any ‘net access just didn’t work. Then, as quickly as it disappeared, it all started working again! Phew!!

The afternoon was better…much better! I popped round to Tom and Julie’s at around 4 for a chat and a coffee. Then, it was back home to get the fish and chips ready for supper with David and Val. Val brought the desserts – yummy!!!

I’ve become a fan of ‘mushy peas’..wonder if there’s is a FaceBook page for that!!

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